The Stylish Long Coat

This is officially my 100th blog post.. Can you believe it? I’ve made 100 posts so far.. Thank you for all your support. I check my analytics and I’m amazed at the number of people that visit my blog on a daily basis.. The journey so far has been a remarkable one and it can only get better..

The T-shirt and Coat is from Zara.. The coat is giving me Keanu Reeves vibes from the movie ‘The matrix’, the only thing missing is sunglasses, but I digress. Love how the coat fits and its so stylish.. I always wanted a Disney t-shirt and was so thrilled when I came across this t-shirt on Zara’s website. I’m also rocking my favourite go to denim from Asos.

Thanks for visiting my blog..

Remember to stay safe and stay woke..

Photo Credit: FMPHOTOSX

Outfit Details

T-shirt: Zara (Click Here)

Denim: Asos (Click Here)

Coat: Zara (Click Here)

Bag: Sold Out (Similar)

Shoes: Asos (Click Here)

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