Dressed for Success

This is another outfit I put together in less than five minutes because my original delivery did not arrive before this photo session.. This outfit is definitely one of my favourite looks this season.. Red… View Post

Zara Woman

Where do I begin??? This dress is in its own classy lane.. Love how it fits me. Its super comfy to move in and I love the belt.. On a scale of one to ten,… View Post

Leather Skirt & Boots

I put this entire look together in less than five minutes.. I originally ordered a midi dress and my order was delayed so I had think on my feet.. This scenario has happened a few… View Post

Different Shades of Pink

I did not intend to make this an all pink outfit (minus the boots).. I purchased the shorts and realised I had a light pink knit top that would match and the rest they say… View Post

A Sleek and Sharp Jumpsuit

The pictures speak for itself.. This is indeed a killer jumpsuit.. You can style this with a blazer and it would still look very classy.. This is definitely one of my favourites purchase this autumn..… View Post