Yet another post title inspired by a song ‘Omoge you too much’ by Banky W.. For my Non-Nigerian pals ‘Omoge’ is a Yoruba word which means Lady/Pretty/Cute.. Hope you get the gist.

A colleague/coworker wore this top to work and I was tempted to ask her where she purchased it from. I did not want to appear as a stalker so I let it go. You know how there are some people at work, who you don’t speak to but you smile at each other when you walk past, she and I did not fall in this category so, I convinced myself it was not worth asking. Later that evening, I went on a google search and still could not find the top. I paused and thought to myself which fashion retailer would make a top like this. I immediately went to Asos website and found nothing. Eureka!! Zara!! In less than ten minutes on Zara’s website I found it.. The best part was it was on sale for £9.99 and my size was still in stock.. It’s soldout at the moment but might get restocked you never know… Blame the wind for the messy hair which I loved because perfection does not exist..

Outfit Details:

Top: Soldout (Similar) (Similar)

Denim: Asos (Here)

Bag: Soldout (Similar)

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