Chichi Clothing

Gifted Dress from Chichi Clothing

I was super excited when the Chichi clothing team reached out to me for a collaboration. The Chichi clothing brand is committed to sustainable practices. The brand uses sustainable fabrics, their mailing and packing bags is from a sustainable polythene derived from sugarcane. This warms my heart, as I strongly believe in protecting our planet and making it safe and habitable for the generations to come.

I love everything about this dress. Its simple and gorgeous, love the colour as well. I mean navy blue on dark skin will always look good, quote me anywhere. Click Here to view a previous post on this brand.

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Photo Credit: FMPHOTOSX

Outfit Details

Dress: Chichi Clothing (Click Here)

Bag: PrettyLittleThing (Click Here)

Shoes: Sold Out (Similar)

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