Ankara ‘African Print’

The Ankara fabric (also know as African Print) is a colourful and vibrant material, made from cotton. Its quite popular in West African countries.

In the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s (before the new millennium), the fabric was designed to reflect the traditional African fashion at that time.

African millennials have changed the way the fabric was previously designed. It is currently designed to mimic and showcase modern day fashion such as my outfit above and this is influenced by western fashion and social media.

Western fashion styles/outfits are constantly recreated with the Ankara fabric and this trend is very popular amongst the younger African generation.

The fabric can be used to make not just clothes but shoes, bags, jewellery, head wrap, hats and caps. Although this fabric is associated with West Africa, its origin is not from Africa.

You can learn more about this beautiful fabric and how it manufactured at All things Ankara.

I bought this outfit on sale for £49.99 and I’m very pleased with my purchase. Its gorgeous, classy and can be worn to a special occasion.

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Photo Credit: FMPHOTOSX

Outfit Details

Dress: Grass-fields (Click Here)

Bag: Zara (Click Here)

Shoes: Soldout (Similar)

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