A Cropped Knit Sweater

Happy New Year..

I hope you all are having an amazing 2022. I’m happy to be back blogging and I’m glad to see a few people still checked my blog while I was away.

We’re starting the first look of the year with a cropped knit sweater from Zara. I love how the wool fabric feels on my skin, I styled the top with my favourite pair of ripped jeans from Asos. It’s a simple look that alot of women can pull off, denim is the one fashion piece that suits everyone regardless of your size/shape.

Thanks for visiting my blog..

Remember to stay safe and stay woke..

Photo Credit: FMPHOTOSX

Outfit Details

Crop Top: Zara (Click Here)

Denim: Asos (Click Here)

Bag: Asos (Click Here)

Wool Hat: NEXT (Click Here)

Shoe: Net-A-Porter (Click Here)

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